Self Storage Shopping Checklist

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Posted on Mar 12, 2015

A self-storage unit is a great way to declutter your home and make some extra room. However, before you commit to a unit, you should make sure you know what you’re looking for. Consider what you need to store, and do your research about each unit before you sign the dotted line.

Know what size and dimensions you need for storing itemsSize and Dimensions

Before you know what size storage unit you need, you’ll need to know what items you want to store.

Create an inventory of items, and categorize them by size.

Smaller items, like chests, drawers, boxes or a random office chair won’t require a large space.

Larger items, like appliances, mattresses, and vehicles will require a larger storage unit.

Use this size guide to determine what size storage unit you’ll need before visiting the storage unit in person and/or making a reservation.

If you have a large item you need to store, measure it and make sure it will fit through the door before deciding on a particular unit.

Decide if you need climate controlClimate Control
Temperature is controlled in a Climate Control storage unit
There are different types of climate control available at most self-storage companies. Look for these terms when you’re browsing self-storage units, and find the one that works for you:

Climate Control – the temperature of the unit is controlled so items in the unit aren’t exposed to extreme temperatures during the summer and winter months.

Humidity Control – these units have controlled humidity levels to reduce mold and mildew, corrosion, and rot. Some units have humidity control only; others have both humidity and temperature control.

Heated or Cooled – these units are either heated or cooled, but not both. You’ll usually find these units in climates that are extreme during only one season. For example, in the Southwestern part of the United States, where winters are mild and summers are hot, you might need a cooled unit but not a heated one.

Traditional – these units are comparable in temperature to a typical household garage.

What kind of access convenience to your storage unit will you require? Accessibility
Consider how conveniently you’ll be able to access your space
How a storage unit is accessed is an important thing to consider and, in most cases, comes down to preference.

Do you prefer a unit that’s indoors, accessible from the outside, or one that has drive-up access? If you aren’t sure, take a walk around the facility and decide what type of accessibility you prefer.

In some cases, the type of storage unit accessibility you choose will depend on the type of items you’ll need to store – if you’re storing a large piece of furniture and you have an upstairs unit, make sure the item will fit up the stairs or inside the elevator, or ask for a bottom floor unit.

Representatives at your self-storage company can help you answer these questions when you’re trying to decide which unit is right for you.

Self-storage experts at the company you choose can help you decide on a storage unit and can teach you how to maximize space. Working closely with this representative will help enure you have a space that’s not too big or too small, but just the right size and price. Remember: ask questions, do your homework, and make an informed decision about which storage unit is right for you.

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