Do I Need a Climate Control Storage Unit?

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Posted on Sep 03, 2015

Is Climate Controlled Storage Right for You?

Some of your items are valuable, one of a kind or environmentally sensitive and would benefit from climate controlled storage. Climate Controlled storage units keep items in a constant environment (temperatures between 55°F and 85°F). To ensure climate control, our storage units are enclosed and, therefore, resist dust, pests, humidity, and more threats to valuables.

You may own things of great monetary value or possess family heirlooms or other items of sentimental value, which are irreplaceable. Or you may need the conditions to be comfortable for visits to the storage unit. Selecting a climate controlled storage unit can help you protect the belongings that mean the most to you:

•Computers, Stores
•Photos, Books
•Family Heirlooms

There are many benefits in selecting climate controlled over basic storage. Due to the extra costs, there are several factors to consider when deciding whether climate controlled storage fits your needs. We’re here if you need additional help determining what your needs are.

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